Cheer Rules & Requirements



The FGR cheer program is active in both fall and winter seasons.  There are two separate try-outs, one in June for fall sideline and another in November for the winter competitive season.  Both tryouts are open to all high school grade levels.


During the fall sideline season the team will cheer at home and away games and will travel with the football team on the bus to away games.  For winter competitive season the team will cheer on the sidelines at select basketball games.



FGR Fall Sideline Cheer Criteria:

  1. Athletes must be willing to commit to a minimum of three practices and one game a week during football season.  Extra practices will be required to prepare for our Homecoming routine.
  2. Post-season play-off attendance is required.
  3. Athlete must have all necessary paperwork completed and on file with the athletic office.  Please see for more details.
  4. Athlete must be willing to participate in stunting activities, whether as a base flyer, back spot, or support.
  5. Athlete must meet the school’s required academic standards in order to try-out, and must maintain their standards to stay eligible.


Varsity Letter Criteria:

  1. Remain in good standing academically for the whole season.  An athlete’s eligibility to practice and cheer at games is determined by a specific process that involves the athletic department and the teaching staff.  The coach reserves the right to remove you from practice, a game and/or a planned routine if you are ineligible leading up to the performance date.  Meanwhile, academic ineligibility at any point that a cheerleader is an active participant in the program will result in the loss of a varsity letter.
  2. Be in good standing in regard to attendance at all practices.  Absences may be excused with prior notification, but one (1) unexcused absence will result in a loss of varsity letter.
  3. Be in good standing in regard to attendance at all games.  Each cheerleader, pending prior notification and coach’s approval, is allowed to miss one (1) game that will not count against their letter.  More than one, unexcused absence, will result in the loss of varsity letter.
  4. Exhibit knowledge of cheers.  By the end of the season, cheerleaders must be able to individually perform each cheer from the packet provided during the first week of practices, as well as perform each cheer successfully as part of the group.  This means correct arm and leg movements, words, and positive performance attitude.
  5. Showcase improved level of skill development.  By the end of the season, each cheerleader should be able to participate successfully in any stunt position to which they are assigned: both individual and group success will be taken into account.  Height and form of jumps will also be taken into consideration, along with overall presentation of cheerleader and cheer (i.e. smiling, controlled movements, facial expression).


Captain Selection


In order to be considered for one of the three captain positions the cheerleader must have been a member of the team for a minimum of one season prior.  Captains will be selection based on the following criteria:

  1. Their dedication to the team and their ability to put other teammates above themselves.
  2. Demonstration of a strong work ethic.  The cheerleader sets high goals for themselves and is constantly challenging themselves to improve along with motivating others on the team to reach higher.
  3. The cheerleader is not only looking to better themselves and others on their team, but also seeks to leave behind a legacy—leaving behind a program that is stronger for future cheerleaders.


Three Captain Positions:

  • 2 Co-Captains
    • Calls out cheers at games
    • Works with coach to put together homecoming routine
  • 1 Spiritual Captain
    • Leads team in prayer before every game
    • Leads team in grace before every team meal


Captains will be selected before the Green and White Game.  Prior to the coach’s captain selection, all cheerleaders on the team will be given the opportunity to meet with the coach to share their thoughts on who they believe the three captains should be and why they believe those cheerleaders would be effective leaders for the team.  After having a discussion with each athlete the coach will take all recommendations provided by the team into consideration before selecting the three captains for the season.  Please note, captain selection will take place in both fall and winter.