Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Lacrosse · Welcome Lacrosse to 2021

Welcome to 2021.  The past year has been tough, with sports on, then off, and then on again.  School in session, remote and then in session again.  We need to put that behind all of us and focus on the 2021 Lacrosse season.  To encourage this, we have developed a competition for the Lacrosse team.  We will pick monthly winners (better said, you can earn that winning spot) and they will be awarded very special, limited addition FGR Lacrosse swag.

For January, the leaders will be selected by the most active minutes.  You must work out a minimum of 15 minutes for the time to count, so you will need to report them in increments of fifteen minutes.  You can report daily and/or weekly by sending an email to:  Coach Finn will track everyone’s minutes and we will publish a weekly leader board.  Frist and second place win great prizes, any time you have spent working out so far this month counts as well.

Time that counts:

  • Going for a run
  • Playing wall ball
  • Lifting in a gym or at home (including FGR once we can)
  • Doing any sort of home workout- push-ups, crunches, shoulder taps, lunges, you get the idea.
  • Playing Lacrosse (winter league and box for example)

Thanks, lets make sure we come back to Lacrosse ready to go and fit to play.  Good luck and don’t forget to send your workout hours in.