Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · From our newest TSG(s)

Dear Parents,


We are heading into our first game week of the season – Friday at 5 pm is our home game against Flint Beecher!  This email has a lot of information, so read carefully and please email me if you have any questions that I haven’t covered here.


***Monday is PICTURE DAY*** The players need their forms – or go on the website.

Some senior parents have asked about banners – we are gathering information tonight about those – homecoming is September 25, vs Burton Bendle, so it might be a tight turnaround to get them done.  But if we can make it work, we will.  For right now, do not order banners from the picture company tomorrow.  We have someone else who might be able to get them done in time for the game, but we should have more information tomorrow on that.


We hope your players got lots of rest and recovery yesterday and today.  Please remind them that as we are in season, they need to lighten their loads on the weekends (esp if they are hurt at all or even just sore during the week.)  This is the time to reserve their strength, not commit to doing other sports or activities that may exhaust them further and make them more susceptible to injury in the coming weeks.  Right now they are really working hard right now and focusing on giving 100% – we need to keep them strong and healthy.  So make sure they get lots of sleep and eat well, and bring enough food for lunch so that they are good to go for practice.


Practice schedule for the future will be M-Th 3:30-6:30 pm (no more Saturday practices for now.)  The coaches are committed to ending weekday practice as close to that 6:30 mark as possible – please remind your sons that this hinges on them getting out to practice on time and giving their best effort for the entire practice.  Also, there is a study hall available on Tuesdays and Thursdays – if your sons are not at a school club meeting/event or meeting with a teacher, they should be using the time between school and practice for doing homework. In addition, the coaches are working out a plan to have the team split into groups of 17 (per gym guidelines) to lift on Tuesdays prior to the 3:30 practice.  They will be discussing that with them this week.


Regarding Friday’s game: (Signup Genius will go out later tonight.)

We will need volunteers to fill some jobs.  Here is a run-down of what we need:

2 admissions people -only on home side (we are not charging for games this year, but each person admitted needs to be masked and screened (via app on phones or a paper form- still working out those details), so we will need 2 people to do this.)

3 on chain gang

1 announcer

1 on clock (Jeff Kaiser will be doing this)

1 spotter

2 volunteers to provide halftime snack (bananas, orange slices, Gatorade – enough for 42 players and 8 coaches)

**we also would like to live-stream the game – if you have any experience doing video and are interested in helping, please email me.


Rules for Spectators:

2 spectators per “participant”: A “participant” is anyone involved with the running or playing of the game.  Each player, coach, cheerleader, dance team member, and volunteer “gets” 2 participants each. So, if you help with one of the jobs listed, you get 2 spectators, and your son also gets 2.


Each spectator must go through the gate on the home side of the field and complete the screening questionnaire (on their phone or fill one out at the table) and be masked.  All spectators (home and away fans) must sit on home side of field.  The away fan bleachers will be closed.


There are no regulations applied if you are not going through the gate (ie if you stand on the parking lot side of the fence or watch from the parking lot), other than what is mandated by the state order.


The boys have been issued their uniforms and equipment.  The uniforms, including the neck gaiters, need to be washed and brought back to school and kept in their lockers.  (They have been issued a personal locker with a lock.) Uniforms must be kept at school, other than after games, when they are taken home and washed, to be returned the following Monday.  Please remind your student to bring their uniform to school tomorrow, Monday.


Coach Redmond has arranged for the players to have spit guards for their helmets.  He sent out an email about this last week.  These will be given to the players this week (I think Thursday) and need to be attached to their helmets using zip ties .  They will get more information from the coaches regarding them this week.


Away games information, as of right now:

2 buses, each player has own seat.

Players will wear masks on bus, use sanitizer before entering bus.

Only bring essentials with them: no extras.  Locker rooms for away games access/security is uncertain.

Days of games, players need to bring extra snacks.  We are looking at options regarding feeding the boys after the games for the ride home and will update once we know.

Regarding spectators, we will update once we hear from the opposing team what their policy is.


I am sorry this is going out so late tonight –  Hoping these will be coming to you sooner in the future!


Look for the Signup Genius tonight or early tomorrow.  Thank you for volunteering!


Go Irish!


Jeanne and Robyn