Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Lacrosse · The first day is in the bag….

What an amazing day it was.  Beautiful sunshine for our first day of Lacrosse!!!

Here are a couple of updates for the next two weeks:

JV and Varsity Scrimmages

Saturday March 16th


Varsity: be there at 7:30 a.m. for 8:30 a.m. scrimmage

Scranton Middle School: 8415 Malby Rd., Brighton, MI 48116

For those teams at Scranton, please share this with your players and families.

  • The fields are behind the school.  When you enter the parking lot at Scranton, there are lots in front and to the right of the school.
  • The truck to place your donated food items will be in the parking lots and it will be best to place your donations there before you go to the fields.  It will be clearly labeled.
  • There will be a port-a-john at the field.
  • There is a locker room that is accessible from the outside, so no one should need to access the school building for any reason.  The men’s locker room is Door #17 and the women’s is Door #18.  We will have a monitor in the men’s locker room and every team should clean up after themselves.  All players and male guests use the facility by entering Door #17.  Female guests should use #18.
  • Please do NOT use the tennis courts for any reason.  Cleats and balls on those surfaces are prohibited.

JV : be there at 1:30 p.m. for 2:30 p.m. scrimmage

Stadium Field at the High School  (To get to stadium, turn into school at the blinking Yellow Light)  Address is: 7878 Brighton Rd., Brighton, MI 48116

The locker rooms will be open for gathering as a team and getting out of the weather.  We will open both locker rooms for that purpose.  The showers and toilets are have a plastic barrier to prevent anyone from using the showers/toilets.  There will be 2 port-a-johns at the field.  If people prefer to go inside the school building to use the restroom, here are the instructions they should follow:

  • Parents/Guests may enter Door #39 (visible from the Stadium).  There are restrooms on the left of that hallway.
  • Players may enter Door # 37.  This entry takes you into a large locker room with usable toilets.  You do not have to remove cleats on these floors.

Lacrosse Team Photos: Friday, March 22nd- this is a change of date!!!

Varsity photo: 4 p.m.

JV photo: 4:30 p.m.

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